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Morrish Bible Dictionary [1]

1. The father of Shallun who returned from exile.  Nehemiah 3:15 .

2. Grandfather of Maaseiah who dwelt in Jerusalem on the return from exile.  Nehemiah 11:5 . Perhaps the same as No. 1.

Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

Col-ho'zeh. (All-Seeing). A man of the tribe of Judah, in the time of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah 3:15;  Nehemiah 11:5. (B.C. 536).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [3]

A man of Judah in Nehemiah's time ( Nehemiah 3:15;  Nehemiah 11:5); father of Shallum and Baruch.

Holman Bible Dictionary [4]

 Nehemiah 3:15 Nehemiah 11:5