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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

 1 Samuel 9:4. Between Mount Ephraim and Shalim. Keil makes Shalisha the country round Baal-Shalishah ( 2 Kings 4:42),  2 Kings 4:15 Roman miles N. of Diospolis (Lydda); according to Eusebius (Onom.) probably the country W. of Jiljilia where three wadies run into the one called Kurawa, from whence came the name Shalisha , i.e. threeland. There are ruins, Sirisia, Salita, Shilta, and Kefr thilth, all modifications of the Hebrew Shalish "three." In the Shephelah .

Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary [2]

Salissa, Shalisha

A city north of Jerusalem. Mention is made of it,  1 Samuel 9:4 -and probably it is the same place which is called Baal Shalisha,  2 Kings 4:42. If from Shalosh, it means third.

SHALISHA. See Baal-Shalisha.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [3]

A district adjoining Mount Ephraim on the west,  1 Samuel 9:4 . Baal-shalisha is placed by Eusebius fifteen miles from Lydda, towards the north.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [4]

[some Shali'sha] (Heb. Shalishah', שָׁלשָׁה , perhaps Triangle ; Sept. Σαλισσά v.r. Σελχά , a district ( אֶרֶוֹ , "land") traversed by Saul when in search of the asses of Kish ( 1 Samuel 9:4). It apparently lay between "Mount Ephraim" and the "land of Shaalim," a specification which, with all its evident preciseness, is irrecognizable, because the extent of Mount Ephraim is so uncertain; and Shaalim, though probably near Taiyibeh, is not yet definitely fixed there. The difficulty is increased by locating Shalisha at Saris or Khirbet Saris, a village a few miles west of Jerusalem, south of Abu Gosh (Tobler; Dritte Wand. p. 178), which one have proposed. If the land of Shalisha contained, as it not impossibly did, the place called Baal-shalisha ( 2 Kings 4:42), which, according to the testimony of Ebuseus and Jerome ( Onom. s.v. "Beth-Salisha), lay fifteen Roman (or twelve English) miles north of Lydd, then the whole disposition of Saul's route would be changed. The words Eglath Shalishiyah in  Jeremiah 48:34 (A.V. "a heifer of three years old") are by some translators rendered as if denoting a place named Shalisha. But even if this be correct, it is obvious that the Shalisha of the prophet was on the coast of the Dead Sea, and therefore by no means appropriate for that of Saul. Lieut. Conder proposes ( Tent Work In Palest. 2 , 339) to identify Shalisha with Kefr Thilth, a ruined village on the western slope of Mount Ephraim, situated on the south side of Wady Azzun, which runs into the river Kanah (Robinson, Later Researches, p. 136, note); but there is nothing special to recommend the site except a considerable correspondence in the names. (See Ramah).

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [5]

Shal´isha, a district in the vicinity of the mountains of Ephraim , in which appears to have been situated the city of Baal-Shalisha . This city is called by Eusebius Beth-Shalisha, and is placed by him 15 miles from Diospolis (Lydda), towards the north.