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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

the only pope of this name, and, according to a tradition, the son of a physician, became bishop of Rome in 310, after the death of Marcellus. The time of his pontificate is variously stated at from four months to six years. No events of importance are recorded of his pontificate. According to an epitaph published by Baronius (but which Baronius himself refers, not to the pope, but to some priest of the same name), the lapsi (q.v.) in Rome demanded immediate absolution, which Eusebius refused. Tumult arose, in consequence of which Eusebius was exiled by the usurper Maxentius to Sicily. He is commemorated as a saint on the 26th of September. Several decrees circulating under his name, as well as three letters to the bishops of Gaul, to the Egyptians, and to the bishops of Tuscia and Campania, are spurious. Herzog, Real-Encyklopadie, 4:246; Acta Sanct. ad 26 Septbr.; Pagi, Breviarum pontific. Roman. (1, page 65); Bower, Hist. of the Popes; Ersch u. Gruber, Allgem. Encyklop. (section 1, volume 40, page 445).