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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

("spring of gardens".)

1. In the lowland of Judah ( Joshua 15:34).

2. On the border of Issachar ( Joshua 19:21). Allotted to the Gershonites ( Leviticus 21:29). The "Ginaia" of Josephus. Now Jenim, the first village in ascending from Esdraelon plain into the central hills. The "gardens" and "spring" still characterize the place. In this quarter was "the garden house" (Beth-haggan) by way of which Ahaziah fled from Jehu ( 2 Kings 9:27). Avoiding the ascent as too steep for his chariot, he fled by the level to Megiddo and died there. ANEM in 1 Chronicles 6.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [2]

1. A town of Judah, probably near Bethel,  Joshua 15:34 .

2. A city of the priests, in Issachar, now Jenin, fifteen miles south of mount Tabor,  Joshua 19:21;  21:29 .

Morrish Bible Dictionary [3]

1. City in the lowlands of Judah.  Joshua 15:34 . Identified with Umm Jina, 32 28' N, 35 18' E . Apparently the same as ANEM in  1 Chronicles 6:73