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Eleutherius [1]

(1) Bishop of Illyricum, martyred together with his mother, Anthia, in the reign of Hadrian; commemorated April 13 or 18.

(2) One of the fourteen bishops (sees not named) who composed the synod of Diospolis (Lydda), A.D. 415

(3) Bishop of Geneva in the 5th century.

(4) Saint, eighth in the list of bishops of Terracina, cir. A.D. 443; commemorated Sept. 6.

(5) Bishop of Chalcedon at the time of the council, A.D. 451.

(6) Said to have been elected patriarch of Alexandria by the orthodox party, A.D. 484.

(7) Saint, commemorated February 20, was third bishop of Tournay in the 8th or 9th century.

(8) Saint, fifteenth bishop of Auxerre, A.D. 532-561, commemorated August 16.

(9) Bishop of Cordova, A.D. 589.

(10) The first known bishop of Salamanca, A.D. 589.

(11) Bishop of Lucca, A.D. 680.

(12) Martyr in Persia Under Sapor II, commemorated April 13.

(13) Soldier and martyr at Nicomedia, under Diocletian, commemorated October 2.

(14) Martyr at Paris, A.D. 272; commemorated October 9.

(15) Martyr at Tarsus, in Bithynia. commemorated Aug. 4.

(16) A martyr at Byzantium, A.D. 311.

(17) Abbot of St. Mark's, Spoleto, in the 6th century.

(18) Exarch of Ravenna, cir. A.D. 616-620.