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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( n.) Removal from the present life; death; decease.

(2): ( n.) Deviation or abandonment, as from or of a rule or course of action, a plan, or a purpose.

(3): ( n.) The desertion by a party to any pleading of the ground taken by him in his last antecedent pleading, and the adoption of another.

(4): ( n.) Separation or removal from a place; the act or process of departing or going away.

(5): ( n.) Division; separation; putting away.

(6): ( n.) The distance due east or west which a person or ship passes over in going along an oblique line.

King James Dictionary [2]

Departure, n.

1. The act of going away a moving from or leaving a place as a departure from London. 2. Death decease removal from the present life.

The time of my departure is at hand.  2 Timothy 4 .

3. A forsaking abandonment as a departure from evil. 4. A desisting as a departure from a purpose. 5. Ruin destruction.  Ezekiel 26 . 6. A deviation from the title or defense in pleading. 7. In navigation, the distance of two places on the same parallel, counted in miles of the equator.