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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

1: Πολιτεία (Strong'S #4174 — Noun Feminine — politeia — pol-ee-ti'-ah )

see Citizenship , No. 3.

2: Πολίτευμα (Strong'S #4175 — Noun Neuter — politeuma — pol-it'-yoo-mah )

see Citizenship , No. 4.

King James Dictionary [2]

Commonwealth n.

1. An established form of government, or polity or more generally, a state a body politic, consisting of a certain portion of men united by compact or tacit agreement, under one form of government and system of laws. This term is applied to the government of Great Britain, which is of a mixed character, and to other governments which are considered as free or popular, but rarely or improperly, to an absolute government. A commonwealth is properly a free state a popular or representative government a republic as the commonwealth of Massachusetts. The word signifies strictly, the common good or happiness and hence, the form of government supposed best to secure the public good. 2. The whole body of people in a state the public. 3. The territory of a state as, all the land within the limits of the commonwealth.

Webster's Dictionary [3]

(1): (n.) The whole body of people in a state; the public.

(2): (n.) Specifically, the form of government established on the death of Charles I., in 1649, which existed under Oliver Cromwell and his son Richard, ending with the abdication of the latter in 1659.

(3): (n.) A state; a body politic consisting of a certain number of men, united, by compact or tacit agreement, under one form of government and system of laws.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [4]

This is πολιτεία, and refers to the privileges of Israel  Ephesians 2:12 . Gentiles are declared to be strangers, outside the community of Israel; having no promises and no hope, and being without God in the world: fit objects for the grace of God.

Holman Bible Dictionary [5]

 Ephesians 2:12 Philippians 3:20Citizenship Citizen

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [6]

kom´un - welth ( πολιτεία , politeı́a ): Spoken of theocracy ( Ephesians 2:12 ). The same word is rendered "freedom ," the King James Version; "citizenship" the Revised Version (British and American). Also in the sense of commonwealth in the Apocrypha (2 Macc 4:11; 8:17; 13:14); in the sense of citizenship (3 Macc 3:21, 23). See Citizenship .