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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

CENDEBÆUS . A general of Antiochus VII. Sidetes, who was given the command of the sea-coast, and sent with an army into Palestine in order to enforce the claims of Antiochus against Simon Maccabæus. In a battle which took place in a plain not far from Modin the Jews gained a complete victory over Cendebæus, and pursued the Syrians as far as Kidron and the neighbourhood of Ashdod ( 1Ma 15:38; 1Ma 16:9; cf. Jos. [Note: Josephus.] Ant . XIII. vii. 3).

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [2]

( Κενδεβαίος ) , a general left by Antiochus VII (q.v.) in command ( Στρατηγός v. r. Ἐπιστρατηγός and Ὑποστρατηγός ) of the sea-board ( Παραλίας ) of Palestine ( 1 Maccabees 15:38 sq.) after the defeat of Tryphon, B.C. 138. He fortified Kedron (q.v.) and harassed the Jews for some time, but was afterwards defeated by Judas and John, the sons of Simon Maccabaeus, with great loss ( 1 Maccabees 16:1-10). The account of Josephus (Ant. 13:7, 3; War, 1:2, 2) is somewhat different.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [3]

sen - de - bē´us ( Κενδεβαῖος , Kendebaı́os  ; the King James Version Cendebeus ): A general of Antiochus Vii who was appointed "captain of the seacoast" of Palestine (1 Macc 15:38ff) after the defeat of Tryphon by Antiochus 138 bc. He fortified Kedron and harassed the Jews in various ways. As Simon Maccabeus was too old to attack Cendebaeus in person he sent his two eldest sons, Judas and John, who defeated him with great loss at Modin (1 Macc 16:1-10).