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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

Haman's wife, who instigated him to erect a high gallows and to prevail on the king to hang on it Mordecai, then to go in merrily with the king unto the banquet, but predicted Haman's own fall when she heard Mordecai was a Jew ( Esther 5:10;  Esther 5:14;  Esther 6:13). Every tongue that shall rise against Jehovah's people in judgment they shall condemn ( Isaiah 54:17).

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [2]

The wife of Haman, haughty and revengeful like him, and destined to see him and her ten sons hanging on the gallows she had designed for Mordecai the servant of God,  Esther 5:10-14   6:13   7:10   9:13 .

Smith's Bible Dictionary [3]

Ze'resh. (Gold). The wife of Haman, the Agagite.  Esther 5:10;  Esther 5:14;  Esther 6:13. (B.C. 475).

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [4]

Zeresh . The wife of Haman (  Esther 5:10;   Esther 5:14;   Esther 6:13 ).

Holman Bible Dictionary [5]

 Esther 5:10 5:14 Esther 6:13

Morrish Bible Dictionary [6]

Wife of Haman the Agagite.  Esther 5:10,14;  Esther 6:13 .

Easton's Bible Dictionary [7]

 Esther 5:10

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [8]

(Heb. id. זֶרֶשׁ , Persian for Gold; Sept. Ζωσαρά v.r. Σωσαρά ; Josephus, Ζάραρα , Ant. 11:6, 10; Vulg. Zares ) , the wife of Haman the Agagite (Esther 5, 10), who advised him to prepare the gallows for Mordecai ( Esther 5:10;  Esther 5:14), but predicted his fall on learning that Mordecai was a Jew (6, 13). B.C. 474. (See Esther).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [9]

zē´resh ( זרשׁ , zeresh , "gold," from the Persian; Σωσάρα , Sōsára ): The wife of Haman (  Esther 5:10 ,  Esther 5:14;  Esther 6:13 ), the vizier of Xerxes.

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [10]

Ze´resh (Pers. gold), the wife of Haman (; ), and well worthy of him, if we may judge from the advice she gave him to prepare a gibbet and ask the king's leave to hang Mordecai thereon [[[Haman; Mordecai]]]