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Zanoah [1]

(1) In the plain of Judah. The present Khurbet Zanua lies one and a half miles north of Belt Nettif and two and a half south-east of Ain Shems (Beth-Shemeh), and is "a large and important ruin on highground, mainly east of the road; but remains are also found on the hill-top to the west," consisting of chambers with arched entrances, foundations of housewalls, traces of mills, cave-tombs, etc. (Memoirs to the Ordnance Survey, 3:128).

(2) In the hills of Judah. The modern Khurbet Zanuta lies four and a half miles south-west of Es-Semua (Eshtemoa), and one and a half north-west of Attu, and consists of "heaps of stones and foundations, fallen pillars, caves and cisterns on a hill" (described in the Memoirs to the Ordnance Survey, 3:410 sq.) .