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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

1: Κοσμικός (Strong'S #2886 — Adjective — kosmikos — kos-mee-kos' )

"pertaining to this world," is used (a) in  Hebrews 9:1 , of the tabernacle, AV, "wordly," RV, "of this world" (i.e., made of mundane materials, adapted to this visible world, local and transitory); (b) in  Titus 2:12 , ethically, of "worldly lusts," or desires.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( a.) Pertaining to this world or life, in contradistinction from the life to come; secular; temporal; devoted to this life and its enjoyments; bent on gain; as, worldly pleasures, affections, honor, lusts, men.

(2): ( a.) Lay, as opposed to clerical.

(3): ( adv.) With relation to this life; in a worldly manner.

(4): ( a.) Relating to the world; human; common; as, worldly maxims; worldly actions.

King James Dictionary [3]

Worldly a.

1. Secular temporal pertaining to this world or life, in contradistinction to the life to come as worldly pleasures worldly affairs worldly estate worldly honor worldly lusts.  Titus 2 . 2. Devoted to this life and its enjoyments bent on gain as a worldly man a worldly mind. 3. Human common belonging to the world as worldly actions worldly maxims.

WORLDLY, adv. With relation to this life.

Subverting worldly strong and worldly wise by simply meek.