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Vessels [1]

Vessels . See House, § 9; Meals, § 5. For ‘the vessels of the tabernacle’ (Av [Note: Authorized Version.] ) Rv [Note: Revised Version.] has sometimes ‘furniture,’ sometimes ‘instruments,’ according to the context (cf.   Numbers 1:50 with 3:26). For the Temple cf.   1 Chronicles 9:29 in Av [Note: Authorized Version.] and Rv [Note: Revised Version.] . In   Genesis 43:11 ‘vessels’ is equivalent to ‘saddlebags.’ In   1 Thessalonians 4:4 ‘vessel’ probably stands for ‘body’ rather than ‘wife,’ an alternative favoured by many (see Milligan, Thess ., ad loc .).

A. R. S. Kennedy.