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Types [1]

We meet with this word, as far as I remember, but once in the whole Bible, and even there it is only in the margin, namely, ( 1 Corinthians 10:11) —but the sense of it is too important not to be known and well regarded. By types, we mean the figure or shadow of matters they represent. "Thus the brazen serpent, the scape goat, the lamb of the morning, and the lamb of the evening, were all types of the Lord Jesus Christ." Indeed the whole law was but a type or shadow of "good things to come, the body was, and is, Christ." And we never can be sufficiently thankful to God the Holy Ghost for his gracious condescension in this particular, by thus mercifully attending to our weakness of apprehension, in the use of types and figures to represent divine things by. The Lord cause them to minister to this end, in our improvement, and to the divine glory. Amen. See Parable.