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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

1: Διδακτός (Strong'S #1318 — Adjective — didaktos — did-ak-tos' )

primarily "what can be taught," then, "taught," is used (a) of persons,  John 6:45; (b) of things,  1—Corinthians 2:13 (twice), "(not in words which man's wisdom) teacheth, (but which the Spirit) teacheth," lit., "(not in words) taught (of man's wisdom, but) taught (of the Spirit)."

2: Θεοδίδακτος (Strong'S #2312 — Adjective — theodidaktos — theh-od-id'-ak-tos )

"God-taught" (Theos, "God," and No. 1), occurs in  1—Thessalonians 4:9 , lit., "God-taught (persons);" while the missionaries had "taught" the converts to love one another, God had Himself been their Teacher. Cp.  John 6:45 (see No. 1).

Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types [2]

 Judges 8:16 (a) Joshua punished these men by thrusting thorns into their bodies, and tortured them in this way because of their rebellion and their refusal to assist him in the hour of his need.

 Hosea 10:11 (a) The heifer needed to be broken to work. The prophet speaks of this breaking process as a teaching of the animal to do the kind of work that was expected of him. So the Lord must teach us to do His will.

Webster's Dictionary [3]

(1): ( a.) See Taut.

(2): imp. & p. p. of Teach.

(3): ( imp. & p. p.) of Teach

King James Dictionary [4]

Taught a. taut. from the root of tight. Stretched not slack.

TAUGHT, pret. and pp. of teach. pron. taut. L. doctus.

Experience taught him wisdom. He has been taught in the school of experience.