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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Sy'chem. The Greek form of the word, Shechem . It occurs in  Acts 7:16 only. See Shechem .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [2]

In Stephen's speech,  Acts 7:16, He tells us that the other patriarchs as well as Joseph were buried there ( Joshua 24:32). (See Stephen .)

Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament [3]

See Shechem.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [4]


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [5]

sı̄´kem ( Συχέμ , Suchém ): In this form the name of Shechem appears in   Acts 7:16 the King James Version, in the report of Stephen's speech. the King James Version is a transcription from the Greek; the Revised Version (British and American) in accordance with its practice, to give uniformity in the English, follows the Hebrew form of the name given in the Old Testament.

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [6]

Sy´chem, the name for Shechem in , being that also used in the Septuagint version of the Old Testament [SHECHEM].