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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

1: Χόρτασμα (Strong'S #5527 — Noun Neuter — chortasma — khor'-tas-mah )

"fodder" (akin to chortazo, "to feed, fill," see Feed , No. 4), is used in the plural in  Acts 7:11 , "sustenance." In the Sept.,  Genesis 24:25,32;  42:27;  43:24;  Deuteronomy 11:15;  Judges 19;19 .

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( n.) The act of sustaining; support; maintenance; subsistence; as, the sustenance of the body; the sustenance of life.

(2): ( n.) That which supports life; food; victuals; provisions; means of living; as, the city has ample sustenance.

King James Dictionary [3]


1. Support maintenance subsistence as the sustenance of the body the sustenance of life. 2. That which supports life food victuals provisions. This city has ample sustenance.