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The Nuttall Encyclopedia [1]

A town of Egypt, stands at the edge of the desert at the head of a gulf of the same name and at the S. end of the Suez Canal, 75 m. E. of Cairo, with which it is connected by railway; as a trading place, dating back to the times of the Ptolemies, has had a fluctuating prosperity, but since the completion of the canal is growing steadily in importance; is still for the most part an ill-built and ill-kept town; has a large English hospital and ship-stores.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [2]

(See Red Sea). Suffering-day. (See Good-Friday). Suffering-psalm, the name given to Psalms 22 : "Deus, Deus meus;" used in the services of the Church on Good-Friday.