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King James Dictionary [1]

Success', n. L. successus, from succedo.

1. The favorable or prosperous termination of any thing attempted a termination which answers the purpose intended properly in a good sense, but often in a bad sense.

Or teach with more success her son,

The vices of the time to shun.

Every reasonable man cannot but wish me success in this attempt.

Be not discouraged in a laudable undertaking at the success of the first attempt.

Military successes, above all others, elevate the minds of a people.

2. Succession. Not in use.

Note. Success without an epithet, generally means a prosperous issue.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( n.) The favorable or prosperous termination of anything attempted; the attainment of a proposed object; prosperous issue.

(2): ( n.) That which meets with, or one who accomplishes, favorable results, as a play or a player.

(3): ( n.) That which comes after; hence, consequence, issue, or result, of an endeavor or undertaking, whether good or bad; the outcome of effort.

(4): ( n.) Act of succeeding; succession.