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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

1.  1 Chronicles 4:18. Heber was "father," founder, or colonist of Socho in the low hill region of Judah. Now Shuweikeh , in the western part of the low hills of Judah, on the southern slope of the wady Sumt, nearly half a mile above the bed of the wady, a natural terrace, green in spring, dotted with grey ruins. Sochoh in  1 Kings 4:10. Socoh in  Joshua 15:35. Between Socho and Azekah the Philistines were posted for the battle wherein Goliath fell ( 1 Samuel 17:1). Rehoboam fortified it after the disruption ( 2 Chronicles 11:7). Taken by the Philistines in Ahaz' reign ( 2 Chronicles 28:18).

2. Also in Judah; now Shuweibeh ( Joshua 15:48), ten miles S.W. of Hebron.

Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

So'cho. (Bushy).  1 Chronicles 4:18 . Probably one of the towns called Socoh , in Judah, though which of the two cannot be ascertained. See Socoh .

Easton's Bible Dictionary [3]

 1 Chronicles 4:18 1 Kings 4:10 1 Samuel 17:1 2 Chronicles 11:7 2 Chronicles 28:18

Morrish Bible Dictionary [4]

Son of, or city founded by, Heber.  1 Chronicles 4:18 . Perhaps the same as one of the two following.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [5]

(Heb. Soko', שׂוֹבוֹ , for] שׂוֹבוֹ , Bushy ; Sept. Σωχών ; Vulg. Socho ) , the name of a town, which occurs in this form, among those settled by the sons of Ezra of the tribe of Judah ( 1 Chronicles 4:18). It apparently was the same as the town of SOCOH (See Socoh) (q.v.), in Judah, probably the one in the lowland, which was better known than the other, and in the vicinity of the associated places. It appears from its mention in this list that it was colonized by a man or a place named Heber. "The Targum, playing on the passage after the custom of Hebrew writers, interprets it as referring to Moses, and takes the names Jered, Soco, Jekuthiel, as titles of him. He was the rabba of Soco because he sheltered ( סכִ ) the house of Israel with his virtue.'" (See Shoco); (See Shocho).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [6]

sō´kō  : Occurs in   1 Chronicles 4:18 , the Revised Version (British and American) "Soco." See Socoh .