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People's Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Siloah ( Sĭ-Lô'Ah or Sĭl'O-Ah ), R. V., "Shelah,"  Nehemiah 3:15; or Siloam,  John 9:7;  John 9:11; or Shiloah .  Isaiah 8:1-22;  Isaiah 6:1-13. A rivulet on the southeast of Jerusalem, at the foot of Zion and Moriah; supposed by some to be the same with En-rogel and Gihon. There were two pools, the upper,  Isaiah 7:3, or king's pool,  Nehemiah 2:14, and the lower pool.  Isaiah 22:9. There was also a tower at Siloam.  Luke 13:4.

Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary [2]

the same as Siloam,  Nehemiah 3:15;  Luke 13:4; a fountain under the walls of Jerusalem, toward the east, between the city and the brook Kidron, perhaps the same with Enrogel. Near this was a tower,  Luke 13:4 .

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [3]

Sil´oah [SILOAM]