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Morrish Bible Dictionary [1]

Family of scribes at Jabez.  1 Chronicles 2:55 .

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [2]

shim´ḗ - ath - ı̄ts ( שׁמעתים , shim‛āthı̄m  ; Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus Σαμαθιείμ , Samathieı́m  ; Lucian, Σαμαθείν , Samatheı́n ): A subdivision of the tribe of Caleb (  1 Chronicles 2:55 ). In the three families mentioned in this passage Jerome saw three distinct classes of religious functionaries: Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible, 390-405 A.D.) canentes atque resonantes et in tabernaculis commorantes . The Targum has a similar explanation, except that the "Sucathites" are those "covered" with a spirit of prophecy. Bertheau ( Handbuch zum Altes Testament ) accepts Jerome's explanation, except that he regards the first class as gate-keepers (Aramaic תּרע , tera‛ = Hebrew שׁער , sha‛ar ). Wellhausen ( DGJ , 30 f) finds underlying the three names תּרעה , tir‛āh , a technical term for sacred music-making, שׁמעה , shim‛āh , the Halacha or sacred tradition. Buhl ( HWB13 ) derives Shimeathites and Sucathites from unknown places. Keil interprets as descendants from the unknown Shemei (compare Curtis, ICC ). The passage is hopelessly obscure.