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( Σκοπός , a Watchman or Mark ) , the popular epithet given by Josephus to an eminence at seven furlongs' distance, on the north, from Jerusalem, whence Cestius approached the city from Gabaon (el-Jib), and Titus from Gophna (Jifna), the latter obtaining a fine view of the Temple ( War, 2, 19, 4; 5, 2, 3). Dr. Robinson locates it on the high level tract and brow upon the Nablus road, being the extension of the Olivet range (Bib. Res. 1, 407), a position in which Barclay (City of the Great King, p. 74) and Porter (Handb. for Syria, p. 118) coincide. According to Lieut. Conder, this spot is still called by the equivalent Arabic name El-Mesharif, and answers to all the requirements of the military notices (Quar. Statement of the "Pal. Explor. Fund," April, 1874, p. 111; camp. p. 94). (See Jerusalem)