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Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types [1]

 Genesis 49:10 (b) Here is a symbol of the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ who was to become King of kings, and Lord of lords. In a coming day Jesus Christ will rule the entire earth with a rod of iron.

 Numbers 24:17 (a) This is a symbol also of the power and authority of Christ Jesus who will one day sit on the throne of David and will rule over not only Israel, but all other nations as well.

 Isaiah 14:5 (a) This is a type of the power and authority of all wicked rulers on this earth. GOD will destroy them and Christ will reign.

 Ezekiel 19:11 (a) These strong rods made into scepters represent the self-made authority of Israel's self-made rulers. GOD promised that He would destroy all these evil princes and sovereigns. (See also  Ezekiel 19:14).

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( n.) Alt. of Sceptre

(2): ( v. t.) Alt. of Sceptre

Holman Bible Dictionary [3]

 Numbers 24:17 Esther 5:2

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [4]

The Hebrew word thus rendered in its primary signification denotes a staff of wood , about the height of a man, which the ancient kings and chiefs bore as an insignia of honor (;;; Wisdom of Solomon 10:14; comp.;; ). As such it appears to have originated in the shepherd's staff, since the first kings were mostly nomad princes (Strabo, xvi. 783; comp. Psalms 29).

A golden scepter, that is, one washed or plated with gold, is mentioned in . Inclining the scepter was a mark of kingly favor , and the kissing it a token of submission . Saul appears to have carried his javelin as a mark of superiority .