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King James Dictionary [1]

Revolt', L revolvo re and volvo, to turn. Eng. wallow.

1. To fall off or turn from one to another. 2. To renounce allegiance and subjection to one's prince or state to reject the authority of a sovereign as a province or a number of people. It is not applied to individuals.

The Edomites revolted from under the hand of Judah.

 2 Chronicles 21 .

3. To change. Not in use. 4. In Scripture, to disclaim allegiance and subjection to God to reject the government of the King of kings.  Isaiah 31 .


1. To turn to put to flight to overturn. 2. To shock to do violence to to cause to shrink or turn away with abhorrence as, to revolt the mind or the feelings.

Their honest pride of their purer religion had revolted the Babylonians.


1. Desertion change of sides more correctly, a renunciation of allegiance and subjection to one's prince or government as the revolt of a province of the Roman empire. 2. Gross departure from duty. 3. In Scripture, a rejection of divine government departure from God disobedience.  Isaiah 59 . 4. A revolter. Not in use.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( n.) Hence, to be faithless; to desert one party or leader for another; especially, to renounce allegiance or subjection; to rise against a government; to rebel.

(2): ( n.) To turn away; to abandon or reject something; specifically, to turn away, or shrink, with abhorrence.

(3): ( n.) To be disgusted, shocked, or grossly offended; hence, to feel nausea; - with at; as, the stomach revolts at such food; his nature revolts at cruelty.

(4): ( v. t.) To cause to turn back; to roll or drive back; to put to flight.

(5): ( v. t.) To do violence to; to cause to turn away or shrink with abhorrence; to shock; as, to revolt the feelings.

(6): ( n.) The act of revolting; an uprising against legitimate authority; especially, a renunciation of allegiance and subjection to a government; rebellion; as, the revolt of a province of the Roman empire.

(7): ( n.) A revolter.

Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia [3]

During Solomon's reign the people were greatly oppressed by Taxation, and after his death they appealed to his successor and asked For relief. Receiving insults in return, they rebelled against his Authority and declared that they had no part in his government ( 1 Kings 12:1-25 ).