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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Rekem . 1 . One of the five kinglets of Midian slain by Moses (  Numbers 31:8 ,   Joshua 13:21 ). 2 . A Calebite family (  1 Chronicles 2:43 ). 3 . A clan of Machir (  1 Chronicles 7:16 [AV [Note: Authorized Version.] and RV [Note: Revised Version.] Rakem , but this is simply the pausal form of the Heb. name]). 4 . An unidentified city of Benjamin (  Joshua 18:27 ).

Easton's Bible Dictionary [2]

  • A town of Benjamin ( Joshua 18:27 ).

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  • Smith's Bible Dictionary [3]

    Re'kem. (Variegation).

    1. One of the five kings, or chieftains, of Midian, slain by the Israelites.  Numbers 31:8;  Joshua 13:21.

    2. One of the four sons of Hebron, and father of Shammai.  1 Chronicles 2:43-44.

    3. One of the towns, of the allotment of Benjamin.  Joshua 18:27. Its existing site is unknown.

    Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary [4]

    There were two of this name, Rekem, one of the five kings of Median, slain by Israel,  Numbers 31:8 and Rekem the son of Hebron,  1 Chronicles 2:43. If from Racah, it means pain. There was a city of this name also,  Joshua 18:27.

    Morrish Bible Dictionary [5]

    1. King of Midian, slain by the Israelites, when Balaam was also killed.  Numbers 31:8;  Joshua 13:21 .

    2. Son of Hebron.   1 Chronicles 2:43,44 .

    3. City in Benjamin.   Joshua 18:27 . Not identified.

    Fausset's Bible Dictionary [6]

    1. One of Midian's five. king's slain by Israel ( Numbers 31:8).

    2.  1 Chronicles 2:43-44. Rehem in  Joshua 18:27 is a town of Benjamin. Ain Karim , the spring W. of Jerusalem, may represent the name.

    Holman Bible Dictionary [7]

     Numbers 31:8 Joshua 13:21 1 Chronicles 2:43-44 3 1 Chronicles 7:16 4 Joshua 18:27

    Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [8]

    (Heb. id. רֶקֶם , Variegation, or perhaps i.q. Regem ) , the name of three men, and of a city.

    1. (Sept. ῾Ροκόμ ; A.V. Rakem, the name being "in pause," ר קֶם .) Brother of Ulam, and a descendant of Machir, the son of Manasseh, by his wife Maachah; .apparently a son of Sheresh ( 1 Chronicles 7:16). B.C. ante 1619.

    2. (Sept. ῾Ροκόμ v.r. ῾Ρεκόμ .) One of the five kings of the Midianites slain by the Israelites along with Balaam ( Numbers 31:8;  Joshua 13:21). B.C. 1618.

    3. (Sept. ῾Ροκόμ , ῾Ραέμ , v. r. ῾Ρεκόμ .) The third named of the four sons of Hebron, and father of Shammai, of the tribe of Judah ( 1 Chronicles 2:43-44). B.C. post 1618. "In this genealogy it is extremely difficult to separate the names of persons from those of places. Ziph, Mareshah, Tappuah, Hebron, are all names of places, as well as Maon and Beth-zur. In  Joshua 18:27, Rekem appears as a town of Benjamin, and perhaps this genealogy may be intended, to indicate that it was founded by a colony from Hebron"

    4. (Sept. ῾Ρέκεμ ) A city in the territory of Benjamin, mentioned between Mozah and Irpeel ( Joshua 18:27). Josephus, in speaking of the Midianitish kings slain by Moses ( Ant. 4:7:1), mentions a city named after Rekem (No. 2, above), which was the chief city of all Arabia, and was called Ἀρεκέμη , Areceme, by the Arabians, but Petra by the Greeks. This is, of course, different from the Rekem of Benjamin. As the latter is in the group situated in the south-west quarter of the tribe, the site was possibly that of the present ruins called Deir Yesit, about three miles west of Jerusalem (Robinson, Researches, ii, 141; Badeker, Palastina, p. 288).

    International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [9]

    rē´kem ( רקם , reḳem , "friendship"):

    (1) One of the five kings of Midian slain by the Israelites under Moses ( Numbers 31:8;  Joshua 13:21 (Codex Vaticanus Ῥόβοκ , Rhóbok  ; Codex Alexandrinus Ῥόκομ , Rhókom )). Like his companions, he is called a "king" in Numbers, but a "prince" or "chieftain" in the passage in Josh. The two references are hardly related; both are based on an earlier tradition.

    (2) Eponym of a Calebite family ( 1 Chronicles 2:43 ( Ῥέκομ , Rhékom ). Probably a town in Southern Judah. A town of this name is given as belonging to Benjamin ( Joshua 18:27 ).

    (3) A city of Benjamin, mentioned with Irpeel and Taralah ( Joshua 18:27 ); the site is unknown. See also Rakem .