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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( superl.) Causing vigorous growth; producing luxuriantly; very rich and fertile; as, rank land.

(2): ( superl.) Strong-scented; rancid; musty; as, oil of a rank smell; rank-smelling rue.

(3): ( n. & v.) A line of soldiers ranged side by side; - opposed to file. See 1st File, 1 (a).

(4): ( n. & v.) A row or line; a range; an order; a tier; as, a rank of osiers.

(5): ( adv.) Rankly; stoutly; violently.

(6): ( superl.) Luxuriant in growth; of vigorous growth; exuberant; grown to immoderate height; as, rank grass; rank weeds.

(7): ( superl.) Inflamed with venereal appetite.

(8): ( n. & v.) Grade of official standing, as in the army, navy, or nobility; as, the rank of general; the rank of admiral.

(9): ( n. & v.) An aggregate of individuals classed together; a permanent social class; an order; a division; as, ranks and orders of men; the highest and the lowest ranks of men, or of other intelligent beings.

(10): ( superl.) Strong to the taste.

(11): ( n. & v.) Elevated grade or standing; high degree; high social position; distinction; eminence; as, a man of rank.

(12): ( n. & v.) Degree of dignity, eminence, or excellence; position in civil or social life; station; degree; grade; as, a writer of the first rank; a lawyer of high rank.

(13): ( superl.) Raised to a high degree; violent; extreme; gross; utter; as, rank heresy.

(14): ( v. i.) To have a certain grade or degree of elevation in the orders of civil or military life; to have a certain degree of esteem or consideration; as, he ranks with the first class of poets; he ranks high in public estimation.

(15): ( v. t.) To place abreast, or in a line.

(16): ( v. t.) To range in a particular class, order, or division; to class; also, to dispose methodically; to place in suitable classes or order; to classify.

(17): ( v. t.) To take rank of; to outrank.

(18): ( v. i.) To be ranged; to be set or disposed, as in a particular degree, class, order, or division.

King James Dictionary [2]

RANK, the old pret. of ring. Nearly obsolete.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [3]

raṇk  : (1) ארח , 'ōraḥ , used in   Joel 2:7 of the advance of the locust army which marched in perfect order and in straight lines, none crossing the other's track. (2) מערכה , ma‛ărākhāh , "battle array" ( 1 Chronicles 12:38 the King James Version; compare   1 Samuel 4:16;  1 Samuel 17:22 ,  1 Samuel 17:48 ). See Army .