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King James Dictionary [1]

QUI'ET, a. L. quietus.

1. Still being in a state of rest now moving.  Judges 16 . 2. Still free from alarm or disturbance unmolested as a quiet life.

In his days the land was quiet ten years.  2 Chronicles 14 .

3. Peaceable not turbulent not giving offense not exciting controversy, disorder or trouble mild meek contented.

The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.  1 Peter 3 .

 1 Thessalonians 4 .

4. Calm not agitated by wind as a quiet sea or atmosphere. 5. Smooth unruffled. 6. Undisturbed unmolested as the quiet possession or enjoyment of an estate. 7. Not crying not restless as a quiet child.

QUI'ET, n. L. quies.

1. Rest repose stillness the state of a thing not in motion. 2. Tranquility freedom from disturbance or alarm or political repose. Our country enjoys quiet. 3. Peace security.  Judges 18 .


1. To stop motion to still to reduce to a state of rest as, to quiet corporeal motion. 2. To calm to appease to pacify to lull to tranquilize as, to quiet the soul when agitated to quiet the passions to quiet the clamors of a nation to quiet the disorders of a city or town. 3. To allay to suppress as, to quiet pain or grief.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( a.) In a state of rest or calm; without stir, motion, or agitation; still; as, a quiet sea; quiet air.

(2): ( v. t.) To calm; to appease; to pacify; to lull; to allay; to tranquillize; as, to quiet the passions; to quiet clamors or disorders; to quiet pain or grief.

(3): ( v. i.) To become still, silent, or calm; - often with down; as, be soon quieted down.

(4): ( a.) Freedom from disturbance, noise, or alarm; stillness; tranquillity; peace; security.

(5): ( a.) Not excited or anxious; calm; peaceful; placid; settled; as, a quiet life; a quiet conscience.

(6): ( v. t.) To stop motion in; to still; to reduce to a state of rest, or of silence.

(7): ( a.) The quality or state of being quiet, or in repose; as an hour or a time of quiet.

(8): ( a.) Not showy; not such as to attract attention; undemonstrative; as, a quiet dress; quiet colors; a quiet movement.

(9): ( a.) Not giving offense; not exciting disorder or trouble; not turbulent; gentle; mild; meek; contented.

(10): ( a.) Free from noise or disturbance; hushed; still.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [3]

kwı̄´et  : Verb or adjective only in English Versions of the Bible, "quietness" being used for the noun. No special Hebrew or Greek words are represented, but in the Old Testament usually for some form or derivative of שׁקט , shāḳaṭ , "be undisturbed" (  Judges 18:7; compare  Proverbs 1:33 , שׁאר , shā'ar , "to loll," "be at ease";  Ecclesiastes 9:17 , נחת , naḥath , "quiet," "be set on"). For "them that are quiet in the land", in  Psalm 35:20 , see Meek; Poor . For "quiet prince in  Jeremiah 51:59 , the Revised Version (British and American) substitutes "chief chamberlain," margin "quartermaster." "Jacob was a quiet (תּם , tām , "gentle" man" ( Genesis 25:27 , the King James Version "plain"). In the New Testament, it is the translation of ἡσυχάζω , hēsucházō , "to refrain from gossip or meddlesomehess": "that ye study to be quiet": ( 1 Thessalonians 4:11 ), and of ἡσύχιος , hēsúchios , "gentle": "a meek and quiet spirit" ( 1 Peter 3:4; compare  1 Timothy 2:2 ).