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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( a.) Bending low, exhibiting or expressing deep humility; lowly; submissive; as, a profound bow.

(2): ( a.) Descending far below the surface; opening or reaching to a great depth; deep.

(3): ( a.) Intellectually deep; entering far into subjects; reaching to the bottom of a matter, or of a branch of learning; thorough; as, a profound investigation or treatise; a profound scholar; profound wisdom.

(4): ( a.) Characterized by intensity; deeply felt; pervading; overmastering; far-reaching; strongly impressed; as, a profound sleep.

(5): ( n.) The deep; the sea; the ocean.

(6): ( n.) An abyss.

(7): ( v. t.) To cause to sink deeply; to cause to dive or penetrate far down.

(8): ( v. i.) To dive deeply; to penetrate.

King James Dictionary [2]

Profound', a. L.profundus pro and fundus, bottom. See Found.

1. Deep descending or being far below the surface, or far below the adjacent places as a gulf profound. 2. Intellectually deep that enters deeply into subjects not superficial or obvious to the mind as a profound investigation profound reasoning a profound treatise. 3. Humble very lowly submissive as a profound reverence for the Supreme Being. 4. Penetrating deeply into science or any branch of learning as a profound scholar a profound mathematician a profound historian. 5. Deep in skill or contrivance.

The revolters are profound to make slaughter.  Hosea 5

6. Having hidden qualities.

Upon the corner of the moon

There hangs a vap'rous drop profound.

Profound', n. The deep the sea the ocean as the vast profound.

1. The abyss.

I travel this profound.

Profound', To dive to penetrate. Not in use.