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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

OF GAZA, a very respectable Greek sophist of the 6th century, and the first who suffered martyrdom in Palestine, under the reign of Diocletian. The precise time of his birth or death is not recorded. lie wrote commentaries on the Octoteuch (ed. C. Clauser, Tigur. 1555, fol.), the books of Kings, the Chronicles (ed. J. Meursius, Lugd. Bat. 1620, 4to), Isaiah (ed. J. Curterius, Paris, 1580, fol.), etc., and opened among the Greeks the list of the Catenic writers. See Mosheim, Eccles. Hist. (Index in vol. 3); Alzog, Patrologie, 76.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

A Greek historian, born at Cæsarea, the secretary of Belisarius, and author of a History of the Wars of Justinian, which is still the chief authority for the events of his reign; d . 565.