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King James Dictionary [1]

PINE, n. L. pinus. A tree of the genus Pinus, of many species, some of which furnish timber of the most valuable kind. The species which usually bear this name in the United States, are the white pine, Pinus strobus,the prince of our forests the yellow pine, Pinus resinosa and the pitch pine, Pinus rigida. The other species of this genus are called by other names, a fir,hemlock, larch, spruce, &c.


1. To languish to lose flesh or wear away under any distress of anxiety of mind to grow lean followed sometimes by away.

Ye shall not mourn nor weep, but ye shall pine away for your iniquities.  Ezekiel 24

2. To languish with desire to waste away with longing for something usually followed by for.

Unknowing that she pin'd for your return.

PINE, To wear out to make to languish.

Where shivering cold and sickness pines the clime.

Beroe pined with pain.

1. To grieve for to bemoan in silence.

Abashed the devil stood--

Virtue in her own shape how lovely, saw,

And pined his loss.

In the transitive sense, this verb is now seldom used, and this use is improper, except by ellipsis.

PINE, n. Woe want penury misery.

This is obsolete. See Pain.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( v. i.) To languish; to lose flesh or wear away, under any distress or anexiety of mind; to droop; - often used with away.

(2): ( n.) Woe; torment; pain.

(3): ( v.) To inflict pain upon; to torment; to torture; to afflict.

(4): ( v.) To grieve or mourn for.

(5): ( v. i.) To suffer; to be afflicted.

(6): ( v. i.) To languish with desire; to waste away with longing for something; - usually followed by for.

(7): ( n.) Any tree of the coniferous genus Pinus. See Pinus.

(8): ( n.) The wood of the pine tree.

(9): ( n.) A pineapple.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [3]

In  Nehemiah 8:15 , denotes some tree of a resinous nature. A different word in  Isaiah 41:19   60:13 , probably indicates the pine; a noble emblem of the promised prosperity of the church. Several varieties of pines abound upon Mount Lebanon, the largest of which is the sunobar kubar; also found on several sandy plains of Palestine. Its wood is much used for beams and rafters.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [4]

Tidhar , from Dahar "to revolve". Gesenius makes the oak, implying "duration". The Shemen , in  Nehemiah 8:15 is rather the olive or oil tree, as in  Isaiah 41:19.