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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( a.) Expectant with calmness, or without discontent; not hasty; not overeager; composed.

(2): ( a.) Constant in pursuit or exertion; persevering; calmly diligent; as, patient endeavor.

(3): ( n.) ONe who, or that which, is passively affected; a passive recipient.

(4): ( a.) Forbearing; long-suffering.

(5): ( a.) Having the quality of enduring; physically able to suffer or bear.

(6): ( a.) Undergoing pains, trails, or the like, without murmuring or fretfulness; bearing up with equanimity against trouble; long-suffering.

(7): ( v. t.) To compose, to calm.

(8): ( n.) A person under medical or surgical treatment; - correlative to physician or nurse.

King James Dictionary [2]

Patient, a. pa'shent. L. patiens.

1. Having the quality of enduring evils without murmuring or fretfulness sustaining afflictions of body or mind with fortitude, calmness or christian submission to the divine will as a patient person, or a person of patient temper. It is followed by of before the evil endured as patient of labor or pain patient of heat or cold. 2. Not easily provoked calm under the sufferance of injuries or offenses not revengeful.

Be patient towards all men.  1 Thessalonians 5

3. Persevering constant in pursuit or exertion calmly diligent.

Whatever I have done is due to patient thought.

4. Not hasty not over eager or impetuous waiting or expecting with calmness or without discontent.

Not patient to expect the turns of fate.