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Parosh [1]

(Heb. Parosh', פִּרְעשׁ , Flea ; Sept. Φόρος , but Φαρές in  Ezra 2:3; A.V. Pharosh ," in  Ezra 8:3), a Jew whose retainers or descendants, in number 2172, returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel ( Ezra 2:3;  Nehemiah 7:8). Another detachment of 150 males, with Zechariah at their head, accompanied Ezra ( Ezra 8:3). Seven of the family had married foreign wives ( Ezra 10:25). They assisted in the building of the wall of Jerusalem ( Nehemiah 3:25), and signed the covenant with Nehemiah ( Nehemiah 10:14), either individually, or perhaps representatively in the person of Parosh himself, if then surviving. B.C. ante 545-445.