Numbers As Symbols

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Numbers As Symbols [1]

Forty = 10 × 4. Complete probation to bring to light good or evil. Moses was forty years in the desert, being himself tried; he was in the mount two periods of forty days, which were times of trial to the Israelites.  Exodus 24:18;  Exodus 34:28 . The spies were forty days searching the land.  Numbers 13:25 . The tribes were tested forty years in the wilderness.  Acts 13:18 . Goliath challenged Israel forty days.  1 Samuel 17:16 . Saul, David, Solomon, and Jehoash were each tested by a reign of forty years. Elijah's period of testing at Horeb was forty days. Nineveh was given forty days for repentance.  Jonah 3:4 . The Lord Jesus was under temptation forty days.  Mark 1:13 .