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Charles Buck Theological Dictionary [1]

In its original import, signifies any kind of fabulous doctrine. In its more appropriated sense, it means those fabulous details concerning the objects of worship, which were invented and propagated by men who lived in the early ages of the world, and by them transmitted to succeeding generations, either by written records or by oral tradition.

See articles, Heathen, Paganism and Gale's Court of the Gentiles, a work calculated to show that the pagan philosohers derived their most sublime sentiments from the Scriptures. Bryant's System of Ancient Mythology. 1. Notes 2. Name Of God 3. Nativity Of Christ 4. Nature 5. Nazarenes 6. Nazarites 7. Necessarians 8. Necessity 9. Necrology 10. Necromancy 11. Neonomians 12. Nestorians 13. NEW Jerusalem Church 14. NEW PLATONICS 15. NEW Testament 16. Nicene Creed 17. Nicolaitans 18. Noetians 19. Nonconformists 20. Nonjurors 21. Non-Residence 22. Novatians 23. Novitiate 24. NUN

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( n.) The science which treats of myths; a treatise on myths.

(2): ( n.) A body of myths; esp., the collective myths which describe the gods of a heathen people; as, the mythology of the Greeks.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [3]

The charm which mythology threw over polytheism, its fascinations for the imaginative faculty, its connection with idolatry and with worship, its appeals to the senses, the vantage-ground which it had in a life-struggle with a severe holy monotheism in more ways than one these topics will be duly considered in the article on POLYTHEISM (See Polytheism) , to which we must refer the reader for a list of some of the best books on the heathen religions and mythologies likely to be of special interest to the theological student. (See Norse Mythology). (T.D.W.)

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [4]


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