Measuring Line

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Holman Bible Dictionary [1]

 1 Kings 7:23 2 Chronicles 4:3 Jeremiah 31:39 Zechariah 2:1 Ezekiel 47:3

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [2]

( קו , ḳaw , קוה , ḳeweh ): The usual meaning is simply line, rope or cord, in   Isaiah 28:10 ,  Isaiah 28:13 , but the line was used for measurement, as is evident from such passages as  1 Kings 7:23;  Job 38:5;  Jeremiah 31:39 . Whether the line for measuring had a definite length or not we have no means of knowing. In  Isaiah 44:13 it refers to the line used by the carpenter in marking the timber on which he is working, and in   Zechariah 1:16 it refers to the builder's line.

Figuratively : It signifies destruction, or a portion of something marked off by line for destruction, as in   2 Kings 21:13; or for judgment, as in  Isaiah 28:17 .