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Maurus [1]

a pupil of Benedict of Nursia, is chiefly known by the account given of him by the monks of the Congregation of St. Maur (q.v.). His history is mainly legendary. He is said to have been the first to introduce the Benedictine rule into France; to have founded its first convent in France at Glanfeuil, in the province of Anjou, and to have died in 584, after having performed a great number of miracles. Such at least are the main points to be gathered from his biography, much mixed up indeed in regard to dates, which appeared in the 9th century. Gregory of Tours makes no mention of him whatever. This, however, appears certain, that France was the field of his labors, for his name was known there before his biography appeared. Yet all the Maurimonasteria do not lead us back to him; thus, for instance, that at the foot of the Vosges is named after an abbot of the 8th century. Mabillon and Ruinart vainly tried to prove the correctness of the old biography (Acta Sanctorum ord. S. Bened. sec. 1:274 sq.; Annales ord S. Bened. saec. 1:107 sq., 629 sq.), whilst not only Protestant but also Roman Catholic writers have found ample reason to doubt its genuineness. Herzog, Real-Encyklop. 9:201. (J. N. P.)