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Matthias [1]

is likewise the name of one person mentioned in the Apocrypha ( Ματταθίας ) and of several in Josephus ( Ματθιας ), especially as Jewish highpriests.

1. Given ( 1 Esdras 9:33) in place of the Heb. MATTATHIAH ( Ezra 10:33).

2. A son of Ananus, made high-priest by Agrippa (soon after the appointment of Petronius as president of Syria), in place of Simon Cantheras, after that honor had been declined by Jonathan as a second term (Josephus, Ant. 1 9:6, 4).

3. Son of Theophilus of Jerusalem, made high-priest by Herod in place of Simon, son of Boethius ( Ant. 17:4, 2); removed again by Herod to make room for Joaza (Ib. 6, 4, where Josephus relates his temporary disqualification on the day of annual atonement), and again reinstated by Agrippa in place of Jesus, son of Gamaliel (Ib. 20:9, 7).

Josephus likewise mentions Matthias, son of Boethius, as "one of the high- priests" betrayed by Simon during the last siege of Jerusalem (War, v. 3, 1), but it does not appear whether he was one of the above. (See High- Priest).