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Easton's Bible Dictionary [1]

  • Son of another Levi ( Luke 3:29 ).

    Copyright Statement These dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., DD Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Public Domain.

    Bibliography Information Easton, Matthew George. Entry for 'Matthat'. Easton's Bible Dictionary. 1897.

  • Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

    Mat'that. (Gift Of God). A form of the name Matthan.

    1. Son of Levi, in the genealogy of Christ .  Luke 3:20. (B.C. after 623).

    2. Grandfather of the Virgin Mary.  Luke 3:21.

    Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament [3]

    Matthat 1. The form of the name (Mt. Matthan ) of Joseph’s grandfather given in  Luke 3:24. 2. Another link in our Lord’s genealogy,  Luke 3:29.

    Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [4]

    MATTHAT. 1. See Matthan. 2. Another ancestor of Jesus (  Luke 3:24;   Luke 3:29 ).

    Morrish Bible Dictionary [5]

    1,2. Son of Levi, and son of another Levi, in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus.   Luke 3:24,29 .

    Holman Bible Dictionary [6]

     Luke 3:24 3:29

    Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

    ( Ματθάτ , prob. some form of the name Matthan), the name of two men mentioned only in the New Test. as maternal ancestors of Jesus. (See Genealogy Of Jesus Christ).

    1. The son of Levi and father of Jorim, of the private line between David and Zerubbabel ( Luke 3:29). B.C. post 623.

    2. The son of another Levi, and father of the Eli who was the father of the Virgin Mary ( Luke 3:24). B.C. considerably ante 22.

    International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [8]

    mat´that ( Ματθάτ , Matthát , Μαθθάτ , Maththát ): The name of two ancestors of Jesus in Luke's genealogy (  Luke 3:24 ,  Luke 3:29 ), one being the grandfather of Joseph, the husband of Mary.