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( Μαισαλώθ v. r. Μεσσαλώθ ), a place in Arbela, which Bacchides and Alcimus besieged and captured on their way from Gilgal to Juduea ( 1 Maccabees 9:2). Josephus, in his parallel account, omits the name (Ant. 12:11, 1); but a trace of the name is thought by Robinson (Researches, 2:398) to be found in the "steps" ( מְסַלּוֹת , mresilloth') or Terraces (as in  2 Chronicles 9:11), in connection with the remarkable caverns besieged by Herod near Arbela (Josephus, War, 1:16, 4), now Kulat ibn-Maon. (See Arbela).