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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

 Psalms 16:6, "the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places," namely, the measuring cords or lines, hence my allotment ( Amos 7:17).  Micah 2:5, "none that shall cast a cord by lot (i.e. none that shall have any possession measured out) in the congregation of the Lord" (see margin  1 Chronicles 16:18;  Psalms 105:11). Argob is always designated by Chebel or cord, i.e. well-defined region. (See Argob .)

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [2]

The cords used in measuring and settling the bounds of landed property,  Psalm 16:6;  Isaiah 34:17 .

Easton's Bible Dictionary [3]

 Psalm 16:6