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Leontius [1]

a Christian martyr and saint, probably of Arabian origin, was born at Vicentia, in Venetia, in the 3d century after Christ. He afterwards moved to Aquileia, in Venetia, where, in company with St. Carpophorus, who was either his brother or intimate friend, he distinguished himself by zeal in favor of Christianity. For this offense they were both brought before the governor Lysias, and after being tortured in various modes, and, according to the legend, miraculously delivered, they were at last beheaded, probably A.D. 300. Their memory is celebrated by the Romish Church on Aug. 28. See the Acta Sanctorum (in Aug. 20), where several difficulties are critically discussed at length. Smith, Dict. of Gr. and Rom. Biog. vol. 2, s.v.