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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

(See Jephunneh .)

1. Son of Eliphaz, Esau's son. A duke of Edom ( Genesis 36:15;  Genesis 36:42). Founder of the family of Kenezites (adopted into Israel), of whom were Caleb and Othniel ( Joshua 14:14).

2. Caleb's grandson, but the "and" (even) before "Kenaz" in  1 Chronicles 4:15 shows a name has fallen out.

3. Younger brother of Caleb and father of Othniel ( Joshua 15:17). But Keil with the Masorites translated "Othniel the son of Kenaz (i.e. the Kenezites) and (younger) brother of Caleb." Caleb gave him his daughter to wife, a marriage in Keil's view not forbidden in the law. "The Kenizzites" of  Genesis 15:19 either had ceased to exist before Joshua, or probably Moses added their name subsequently, as those descendants of Kenaz were adopted into Israel subsequently, to whom Caleb belonged.

Easton's Bible Dictionary [2]

  • Caleb's grandson ( 1 Chronicles 4:15 ).

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    Bibliography Information Easton, Matthew George. Entry for 'Kenaz'. Easton's Bible Dictionary. 1897.

  • Morrish Bible Dictionary [3]

    1. Son of Eliphaz, and a duke of Edom.  Genesis 36:11,15,42;  1 Chronicles 1:36,53 .

    2. Father of Othniel.  Joshua 15:17;  Judges 1:13;  Judges 3:9,11;  1 Chronicles 4:13 .

    3. A descendant of Caleb.  1 Chronicles 4:15 .

    Smith's Bible Dictionary [4]

    Ke'naz. (Hunting).

    1. Son of Eliphaz, the son of Esau. He was one of the dukes of Edom.  Genesis 36:15;  Genesis 36:42;  1 Chronicles 1:53.

    2. One of the same family, a grandson of Caleb, according to  1 Chronicles 4:15. (where, see margin).

    Holman Bible Dictionary [5]

     Genesis 35:11 35:15 2 Joshua 15:17 Judges 1:3 1 Chronicles 4:13 3 1 Chronicles 4:15

    Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [6]

    KENAZ . See Kenizzites.

    Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

    (Heb. Kenaz', קְנִז , Hunter; Sept. Κενέζ , but in 1 Chronicles i, 36 v. r. Κεζεζ ), the name of three or four men.

    1. The last named of the sons of Eliphaz, Esau's firstborn; he became the chieftain of one of the petty Edomitish tribes of Arabia Petrsea ( Genesis 36:11;  Genesis 36:15;  1 Chronicles 1:36). B.C. post 1905. "The descendants of Esau did not settle within the limits of Edom. The Ituraeans migrated northward to the borders of Damascus; Amalek settled in the desert between Egypt and Palestine; Teman went westward into Arabia. We are justified, therefore, in inferring that Kenaz also may have led his family and followers to a distance from Mount Seir. Forster maintains (Geography Of Arabia, ii, 43) that the tribe of Kenaz, or Al-Kenaz with the Arabic article prefixed, are identical with the Lcekeni or Lceeni of Ptolemy, a tribe dwelling near the shores of the Persian Gulf (Geog. 6: 7), and these he would further identify with the AEnezes (properly Anezeh), the largest, and most powerful tribe of Bedawin in Arabia. It is possible that the Hebrew Koph may have been changed into the Arabic Ain; in other respects the names are identical. The Inezes cover the desert from the Euphrates to Syria, and from Aleppo on the north to the mountains of Nejd on the south.. It is said that they can bring into the field 10,000 horsemen and 90,000 camel-riders, and they are lords of a district some 40,000 square miles in area (Burckhardt, Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, 1 sq.; Porter, Handbook for Syria and Palest. p. 536 sq.)" (Kitto). (See Kenizzite).

    2. Successor of Pinon, and predecessor of Teman among the later Edomitish emirs (" dukes"), who appear to have been contemporary with the Horite kings ( Genesis 36:42;  1 Chronicles 1:53). B.C. considerably ante 1658. (See Esau).

    3. The younger brother of Caleb and father of Othniel (afterwards judge), who married Caleb's daughter ( Joshua 15:17;  Judges 1:13); he had also another son, Seraiah ( 1 Chronicles 4:13). B.C. post 1698. On account of this double relationship Caleb is sometimes called a Kenezite ( Numbers 33:12;  Joshua 14:6;  Joshua 14:14), whence some have maintained that he was the son rather than brother of Kenaz.

    4. Son of Elah, and grandson of Caleb, the son of Jephunneh ( 1 Chronicles 4:15, where the margin understands "even Kenaz," וּקְנִז , as a proper name Uknaz), B.C. post 1618.

    Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [8]

    Ke´naz (hunting).

    1. A descendant of Esau; also a place or tract of country in Arabia Petræa, named after him (;; ).

    2. The younger brother of Caleb, and father of Othniel, who married Caleb's daughter (;; ).

    3. A grandson of Caleb .