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Kanon [1]

in Japanese mythology, was the son of Amida. According to Picard (Ceremonies et Coutumes' Religieuses, 7), this god is half fish, half man, or he crawls out of the throat of a proportionally large fish. The form, almost entirely female, is clothed in a light garment, the neck decorated with pearls, and the head with flowers. It has four hands, two of which are lifted up, and two are down. The latter carry a sceptre and a flower, the uplifted right hand is closed to a fist, the left carries a ring. Before this figure there lies a, large, open sea-shell, out of which a man projects in the position of worship. This idol stands in the temple of the god at Osaka, where it is worshipped as a fish or sea deity; also as creator of sun and moon.