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Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary [1]

Jabal and Jubal

The sons of Lamech and Adah. (See  Genesis 4:20-21) The former was the father of those who lodge in tents, and the latter of those who handle the pipe or organ; by which is meant, that these men were the first inventors of those things. The name of both is one and the same meaning, like the Jobel or trumpet, somewhat that like sound glides away, and is lost in the air.


The son of Lamech, ( Genesis 4:21) He invented instruments of music. His name is from Jobel, he that produceth.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [2]

Lamech's son by Adah; invented the harp and organ (pipe), i.e. stringed and wind instruments ( Genesis 4:21). Brother of Jabal, the beginner of pastoral life. The connection herein is implied between nomadic life and music, which can be practiced in the leisure afforded by such a life. Pan and Apollo, to whom the Greeks attributed the invention of the pipe and lyre respectively, were represented as shepherds.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [3]

JUBAL. A son of Lamech by Adah, and inventor of musical instruments,   Genesis 4:21 (J [Note: Jahwist.] ). The name prob. contains an allusion to yôbçl , ‘ram’s horn.’

Smith's Bible Dictionary [4]

Ju'bal. (Music). A son of Lamech by Adah, and the inventor of the "harp and organ."  Genesis 4:21.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [5]

Music, son of Lamech and Adah, and a descendant of Cain. He invented the lyre, and the shepherd's pipe,  Genesis 4:21 .

Morrish Bible Dictionary [6]

Son of Lamech and Adah: "he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ."  Genesis 4:21 .

Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary [7]

a son of Lamech, the inventor of musical instruments,  Genesis 4:21 .

Holman Bible Dictionary [8]

 Genesis 4:19-21

Easton's Bible Dictionary [9]

 Genesis 4:21

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [10]

(Heb. Yubal', יוּבָל , prob. for יוּבֶל , Jubilee, i.e. Music Sept. Ι᾿Ουβάλ ) , Lamech's second son by Adah, of the line of Cain; described as the inventor of the כּנּור , kinnor, and the עוּגָב , Ugab, rendered in our version "the harp and the organ," but perhaps more properly " The Lyre and Mouth - Organ, " or Pandaean pipe ( Genesis 4:21). See Music. B.C. prob. cir. 3490. According to Josephus ( Ι᾿Ούβαλος , Ant. 1 , 2, 2), "he cultivated music, and invented the psaltery and cithara." Some have compared him with the Apollo of heathen mythology (Hasse's Entdeck. 2 , 37; comp. Euseb. Proep. Evang. 10, 6; Diod. Sic. 1, 20; Buttmann, Mythol. 1, 164; Kalisch, Commentary, ad loc.).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [11]

jōō´bal ( יוּבל , yūbhāl  ; for meaning see Jabal ): Son of Lamech by Adah, and inventor of musical instruments ( Genesis 4:21 ).

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [12]

Ju´bal (music); one of Cain's descendants, son of Lamech and Adar. He is described as the inventor of the kinnor, and the ugab, rendered in our version 'the harp and the organ,' but perhaps more properly 'the lyre and mouth-organ,' or Pandean pipe [MUSIC].