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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Ishi'ah. (Whom Jehovah Lends). The fifth of the five sons of Izrahiah, one of the heads of the tribe of Issachar, in the time of David.  1 Chronicles 7:3. (B.C. 1046).

Morrish Bible Dictionary [2]

Son of Izrahiah, of the tribe of Issachar.  1 Chronicles 7:3 . The name in the Hebrew is the same as Ishijah, Isshiah and Jesiah

Holman Bible Dictionary [3]

 1 Chronicles 7:3Isshiah

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [4]

 1 Chronicles 7:3.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [5]

(Hebrew Yishshiyah', יַשַּׁיָּה , once יַשַּׁיָּהוּ ,  1 Chronicles 12:6; Lent by Jehovah), the name of several men, differently Anglicized.

1. (Sept. Ι᾿Εσία , Vulg. Jesia, Author. Vers. "Isshiah.") The fifth son of Uzzi (grandson of Issachar), a valiant chieftain of his tribe ( 1 Chronicles 7:3). B.C. cir. 1618; but in  1 Chronicles 7:2 he is apparently made nearly contemporary with David. See Uzzi.

2. (Sept. Ι᾿Εσσιά v.r. Ι᾿Σιά , Ι᾿Σία ; Vulg. Jesia; Auth. Vers. "Jesiah," "Isshiah.") The second son of Uzziel (grandson of Levi), and father of Zechariah ( 1 Chronicles 23:20;  1 Chronicles 24:25). B.C. cir. 1618; although the context seems to place this one also in the time of David.

3. (Sept. Ι᾿Εσία , Vulg. Jesias, Auth. Vers. "Isshiah.") The first of the sons of Rehabiah, and great-grandson of Moses ( 1 Chronicles 24:21; compare 23:17; 26:25, where he is called Jeshaiah). BC post 1618. (See Rehabtah).

4. (Sept. Ι᾿Εσσία , Vulg. Jesia, Author. Vers. "Jesiah.") A Korhite, and one of the braves that joined David at Ziklag ( 1 Chronicles 12:6). B.C. 1055.

5. (Sept. Ι᾿Εσσία , Vulg. Josute, Auth. Vers. "Ishijah.") One of the "sons" of Harim, who renounced his Gentile wife after the captivity ( Ezra 10:31). B.C. 459.