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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Ir-Nahash . A city of Judah (  1 Chronicles 4:12 ). The site is uncertain.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [2]

[many Ir'nahash] (Heb. Ir-Nachash', עַיר נָתָשׁ , Serpent City; Sept. Πόλις Ναᾶς , Vulig. Urbs Naas, Auth. Vers. margin, "city of Nahash"), a place founded (rebuilt) by Tehinnah, the son of Eshton, of the tribe of Judah ( 1 Chronicles 4:12). Schwarz (Palest. p. 116) thinks it the present Dir- Nachas, one mile east of Beth-Jibrin; prob. the same marked (perh. inaccurately) Dar-Hakhas on Zimmerman's map, a short distance north- east of Beit-Jibrin. Van de Velde likewise identifies it with "Deir-Nakhaz, a village with ancient remains east of Beit-Jibrin" (Memoir, p. 322). SEE Nahash

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [3]

ûr nā´hash ir nā´hash עיר נחשׁ ‛ı̄r nāḥāsh   1 Chronicles 4:12