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Horses [1]

Were anciently less used for labor, in Bible land, than oxen and asses. They were used by princes and warriors, both with and without chariots,  Exodus 14:9,23   Esther 6:8   Ecclesiastes 10:7 . The finest description of the war-horse ever written is found in one of the most ancient books,  Job 39:19-25 . Horses were common in Egypt,  Genesis 47:17   50:9 Song of   Song of Solomon 1:9; but the Jews were at first forbidden to go there for them,  Deuteronomy 17:16 , or the keep any large number,  Joshua 11:6   2 Samuel 8:4 . The object of this was to restrain them from growing proud, idolatrous, and fond of conquest,  Isaiah 31:1-3 . Solomon, however, procured a large cavalry and chariot force,  2 Chronicles 1:14-17   9:25 . Horses were sometimes consecrated to idols,  2 Kings 23:11 , and were often used as symbols of angelic and earthly powers, under the control of God,  2 Kings 2:11   6:15-17   Zechariah 1:8   6:2-6   Revelation 2:18:13 .