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Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary [1]

הין , a liquid measure, as of oil, or of wine,  Exodus 29:40;  Exodus 30:24; Leviticus 23. According to Josephus, it contained two Attic congii, and was therefore the sixth part of an ephah. He says that they offered with an ox half a hin of oil; in English measure, six pints, twenty-five thousand five hundred and ninety-eight solid inches. With a ram they offered the third part of a hin, or three pints, ten thousand four hundred and sixty-nine solid inches: with a lamb, the fourth part of a hin, or two pints, fifteen thousand and seventy-one solid inches.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [2]

A Hebrew liquid measure; as of oil,  Exodus 30:24;  Ezekiel 45:24 , or of wine,  Exodus 29:40;  Leviticus 23:13 . It was the sixth part of an ephah or bath, and contained ten or eleven pints.

Smith's Bible Dictionary [3]

Hin. See Weights and Measures .

Holman Bible Dictionary [4]

 Exodus 29:40Weights And Measures

King James Dictionary [5]

HIN, n. Heb. A Hebrew measure of capacity containing the sixth part of an ephah, or about five quarts English measure.

Webster's Dictionary [6]

(n.) A Hebrew measure of liquids, containing three quarts, one pint, one gill, English measure.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [7]

HIN . See Weights and Measures.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [8]

See Weights And Measures

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [9]

( הַין , Hin, Sept. Εἴν , Ἴν , or Υν ), a measure of liquids, containing the seventh part of a "bath" ( Numbers 15:4 sq.;  Numbers 28:5;  Numbers 28:7;  Numbers 28:14;  Ezekiel 4:11), i.e. twelve Roman sextarii, according to Josephus ( Εἵν Ant. 3, 8, 3; 9:4), or about five quarts. The word corresponds with the Egyptian hn, hno, which properly signifies a vessel, and then a small measure, sextarius, Greek Ἵνον (see Leemans, Lettre A Salvolini, p. 154; Bickh, Metrolog. Untersuch. P. 244, 260). But it is not certain that the Hebrew and English measures were of the same size. Gesenius. According to the Rabbins, the hin contains only the Sixth part of the bath. (See Measure).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [10]

hin ( הין , hı̄n ): A liquid measure containing 12 logs, equal to about 8 quarts. See Weights And Measures .

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [11]

Hin, a Hebrew liquid measure [[[Weights And Measures]]]