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High-Churchmen [1]

a name first given (circa 1700) to the nonjurors in England who refused to acknowledge William III as their lawful king. It is now usually applied to those in the Church of England and in the American Protestant Episcopal Church who hold exalted notions ( f Church prerogatives, and of the powers committed to the clergy, and who lay much stress upon ritual observances and the traditions of the fathers. See Walcott, Sacred Archceology, p. 312; Hurst, Hist. Rationalism, p. 512 sq.; Kurtz, Ch. History, 2, 339; Baxter, Ch. Hist. 2, 549; Skeats, Hist. of Free Churches, p. 289, 317, 318, 343; Rose, Hist. Chr. Ch. p. 370; Eden, Theol. Dictionary; and articles (See Church Of England); and (See Protestant Episcopal Church).