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Gulloth [1]

( גֻּלֹּת , Fountains; Sept. Γωλάθ and Λύτρωσις ,Vulg. Irriguum; Eng. Vers. "springs"), the name of two plots given by Caleb to his daughter, at her special request, in addition to her dower ( Joshua 15:18;  Judges 1:15); from which passages it may be inferred that they were situated in the "south land" of Judah, and were so called from the copious supply of water in their vicinity. (See Achsah)

The springs were "upper" and "lower" possibly one at the top and the other at the bottom of a ravine or glen; and they may have derived their unusual name from their appearance being different to that of the ordinary springs of the country. The root גָּלָל has the force of Rolling or tumbling over, and perhaps this may imply that they welled up in that bubbling manner which is not uncommon here, though apparently most rare in Palestine (Stanley, Palestine, Append. § 55). Dr. Rosen (Zeitschr. der Deutsch. Morg. Gesellsch. 1857, p. 50 sq:) identifies these springs with the Ain Nunkur and De-wir-Ban, spots along a beautiful green valley about one hour south-west of Hebron; and in this Stanley coincides (Jewish Church, i, 293, n.). (See Debir).